Electricity Straight from the Sun.

The potential of the Sun is unlimited, and photovoltaics enable harnessing its energy to generate electricity, practically for free. With solar panels, you can independently produce energy and become less reliant on grid electricity, thus significantly reducing your power bills. This requires a reliable and efficient installation, which our company provides.

How does it work?

Photovoltaics involve converting solar radiation into electrical energy using the photovoltaic effect. In simpler terms, sunlight hits panels installed on the roof or on the ground. The photovoltaic cells that make up these panels convert solar energy into direct current, which is then sent to an inverter, where it is transformed into alternating current—the type of electricity we have in our outlets. This process generates clean energy that you can use immediately, store, or even sell.

The schematic of a photovoltaic system is straightforward, but in addition to the mentioned key components, proper safeguards, wiring, support structures for the panels, and, above all, professional installation of the entire system are essential.

At Saantirenergy, we only rely on the best products and proven solutions.

As a market leader, our company provides professional consultancy and a personalized approach. It’s crucial to assess potential energy consumption and select the right installation capacity. Based on an analysis of past year’s bills, building size, heating system, number of occupants, and energy-consuming devices, our specialists propose the most optimal solution for the client.

For each offer, we create a project that specifies the placement of panels and other installation components. By choosing to work with Saantirenergy, you are guaranteed the highest quality products from global leaders in the photovoltaic market. Good equipment is half the battle, which is why we also prioritize the knowledge and skills of our people. We have our own installation teams, continually expanding their expertise and approaching each project in a professional manner.

How to get started?

Stages of cooperation with our company


Free photovoltaic audit


Development of the installation concept and project


Financing options: cash, credit, leasing, grants


Installation of the system